About us

We are cosmetic manufacturers specialized in the production
of hair colouring cream and hair care and styling products. We
have been operating in the hair professional cosmetic market
for more than 40 years and we are present in over 70 countries
that include Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle-East, Asia, Australia,
South America, U.S.A . Our modern plant is located in Locate
Varesino: near Milan, 10 min. from the international
 Milan-Malpensa airport.

Enhance natural beauty is our essence!

Beauty Plus is a young and dynamic boutique distributor,  always on the look for innovative international products , servicing  Professional stylists in Puerto Rico.
Our goal is offer to beauty professionals and to all the beauty lovers, high quality products with reasonable prices and an efficient service.
Beauty Plus, in conjunction with renowned worldwide manufacturers,  is always testing new formulas and products, able to deliver at the same time beauty and high quality products.

Innovation and Technology

Our Production Department is equipped with the most modern bleeding and filling machines which allow us to produce more than 25 million color tubes a year. In our cutting-edge laboratories, highly skilled and specialized researchers work to create extremely performing formulations: we are one of the leading companies in manufacturing hair color thanks to our extensive know-how. This continuous research, paired with the accurate choice of raw materials and cutting-edge technology, enable us to offer a superb range of high-quality and innovative products.


Our commitment to excellence resulted in the creation of an innovative and high-performing quality control system integrated in all production phases.Quality means also normative compliance: with our internal Regulatory Department, all our products are developed respecting European and international regulations in order to guarantee product safety and customer satisfaction (GMP).